Have you ever been at that point where you were tempted to throw in the towel because business was taking too much of a toll on your family and your sanity?

You may find yourself:

  • Working the days away, Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and burnt out (and spending what little personal time you do have snapping at friends and loved ones as a result)
  • Missing deadlines (which irritates your clients, affecting your potential for repeat business, referrals, and, ultimately, long-term profits!)
  • Constantly struggling just to stay afloat and put out everyday fires (forget about taking your business to the next level and achieving the success you long for)
  • Balancing not just a full plate but a full platter of responsibilities…and everything’s spilling off the edges
  • Frustrated because you’ve tried outsourcing and just can’t find fast, reliable help

I know – I have been there and I made a commitment to not living that way anymore!

I am a systems-oriented business coach and mentor, productivity expert, mom and wife. I know the struggle of managing a home, raising kids and growing a business all day everyday!

And even though it’s definitely a challenge, I’m here to tell you it’s possible AND to show you how you can get it all done (without losing your mind!)

My mission is to educate, encourage and empower women to build a life they LOVE.


I’m Christine Morris and I have had a pretty crazy journey! Several years ago, I set out to help business owners just like you who were working their days away, feeling overwhelmed and struggling to find balance between their business and personal life.

After a couple years of growth in my business, I worked to get really clear on what I love doing in my business. Once I set up my business so that my focus was only on the things I loved, I actually tripled my revenue in one year!

And then I lost everything. Long story short, my family home sustained a fire in which we literally lost everything. (The one remaining artifact was my vision board…and if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!)

The reason I was able to pick up the pieces and successfully rebuild my life and my business was because of the systems and procedures I had already put in place.

If you’re looking to systemize your way to an uplevel in your business (and life!), you’re in the right place!

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