It’s Time To Work Smarter, Not Harder! 

As a member of the Fabulously Balanced Life Academy I have benefited greatly from Christine’s monthly content. It is well thought out and I have always learned something actionable for my own business.

I enjoy the Monthly Mastermind Calls, which has connected me with other entrepreneurs. It is helpful to have feedback and suggestions from others. The other important aspect of Christine’s message is work life balance. As a mother and entrepreneur that is a tricky thing to learn.

Theresa Marie

Virtual Assistant

Who Would Benefit From The Fabulously Balanced Life Academy?
  • Brand-new small business owners, often without a team
  • Future entrepreneurs who have not yet transitioned their business to full time
  • Entrepreneurs who have been in business for some time but feel they lack balance and structure to grow to the next level

Ideally, members of The Fabulously Balanced Life Academy are purpose-driven and authentic in all they do. This is a community of support and learning! Often, members get as much out of the community as they put in, making it a great place to network and learn from others!

What's Included in the Academy Mastermind?

The Academy Mastermind Includes 

  • A monthly content workbook
  • Worksheets and resources
  • Live Mastermind calls
  • A private Facebook community for additional support and accountability

In addition to our Monthly content, we hold LIVE Monthly Masterminds, Quarterly Reviews as well as Planning Days to help keep you productive and focused on your goals.

What topics are covered in the Academy Mastermind?

Here’s a sample of the content and template topics you can expect:

  • Creating Systems for Your Business
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • Marketing Authentically
  • Social Media
  • Operations
  • Building a Team
  • Mindset and more …


What if I still have questions?

I am happy to answer any questions or simply chat to see if you would be a good fit. My goal is to be by your side to help you succeed both in business and in life. Feel free to email me directly at or book a virtual coffee chat by clicking here. 

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Fast Action Bonus:

  • A 1-hour strategy call to get clear on your goals for you and your business in 2018
  • Finding Your Why Bonus – these worksheets will uncover your deeper purpose to give you clarity in your life and business in 2018
  • Clear your clutter bonus – start the new year fresh and clean of clutter. This bonus will show you how clearing the clutter will free your mind for more productive and creative thinking.

Monthly Membership - $39

Your Academy Mastermind Includes: 

  • A Monthly content bundle
  • Bonus Worksheets and Resources
  • Weekly Live Mastermind Calls
  • A Private Facebook Community for additional support


Annual Membership - $375

Your Annual Membership Includes 

  • All the benefits of your Monthly Membership
  • A Private Strategy Session with Christine
  • Save 20% off the Monthly Membership


Working online can be lonely, and doing it all while managing your other responsibilities can feel impossible! That’s why I created the Fabulously Balanced Life Academy.

The Fabulously Balanced Life Academy is an online community of like-minded entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and mompreneurs who, like you, have a vision to:

  • Grow their business without sacrificing too much time with family
  • Get organized and gain traction in their business
  • Feel confident and knowledgeable as the CEO of their business
  • Be more efficient and effective each day
  • Develop systems to automate and delegate for growth

Here we provide a supportive community to help you create the systems you need to help balance your business and your life.

Christine Morris is a wealth of knowledge and support. Luckily for the rest of us, she loves to share this knowledge! During our coaching sessions, I feel that my passions are her passions, too. She helps me to focus my energy to meet my goals much faster than I would accomplish on my own.

Denise Clarity

Liberation From The Mundane

Working with Christine was truly a pleasure. She really got inside my head and knew how to get me to focus.

She introduced me to several programs that are helping me create balance in my life AND my business. She made me believe in myself and pushed me when I needed it! Thank you Christine!

Melissa H