Create a business and a life you love!

Whether you are a solopreneur or 7-figure business owner, I will help you overcome your obstacles and create efficient and effective businesses and teams, allowing your businesses to continue growing with additional streams of income, products, and services.

The VIP Mentorship Includes

  • Your Life / Business Audit
  • A 2 hour VIP session to review your audit and develop a plan to implement changes
  • Bi-Weekly follow-up calls
  • Unlimited email, Voxer and Facebook support
  • Access to my Academy Mastermind


Working with Christine was truly a pleasure. She really got inside my head and knew how to get me to focus. She introduced me to several programs that are helping me create balance in my life AND my business. She made me believe in myself and pushed me when I needed it! Thank you Christine! 
Melissa H

Christine’s workshop on building your email list was just what I needed! My biggest struggle has been understanding how the different puzzle pieces of the email marketing world fit together to convert to an actual strategy and happy followers.  I learned exactly how to design my lead magnet for my audience and then the exact sequence of follow-ups to convert leads to loyal followers. My list has grown from nowhere to somewhere, and I’m getting more traffic than ever.


John Macdonald

Who is the VIP Mentorship designed for?

The VIP Mentorship is for entrepreneurs who want to quickly establish systems and structure in their life and business so they can step up and be the CEO of their company.

We begin with a Life and Business Audit to assess where you are in your business and where you are headed. Together, we work through your vision and address any immediate pain points and any existing processes and systems that are in place to determine what new systems can give you the greatest impact.

Why 90 Days?

In order for change to occur, it takes time. 90 days is the perfect amount of time to see these changes take hold in your business.

How do I get started?

If this is you, lets connect to see if we are a good fit. Use the button below to set up a VIP Connect Call call to discuss your business and the details of this program.