In this post I spoke about creating your own definition of success. An important step in achieving success is creating your ideal day.

Here, I have used Google Calendar to outline my ideal day. This is not done on my main calendar but is a separate calendar I have titled “My Ideal Day”.  I use this calendar as a template, highlighting blocks of time (in this case, with the color gray)

Lets be honest, this is an IDEAL day.

Things do happen and at times I adjust these blocks of time to fit each day. As an entrepreneur, I may decide to take the morning off and work later in the afternoon. If I don’t have family commitments, I may work in the evening or even on the weekend.

To create your ideal day template in Google calendar, follow the following step:

  • Click Settings
  • Choose Calendars
  • Click create new calendar
  • Name Your Calendar (Mine is “My Ideal Day”)
  • Click Create Calendar

Your new calendar will now show on the right under My Calendars. You may click the box to view the calendar with your others or simply uncheck the box to hide that calendar.

Next you can populate your calendar with the general blocks of time you need. Some suggestions include Reading/Personal Development, Planning and Prep, Personal Care or workouts, Client work and of course time for family.

What does your ideal day look like? Stop over in the Facebook Group to share your ideal day or your calendar. It’s a great place to ask questions or join in on our latest contest or challenge


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