You might have heard the phrase “a dream without a plan is just a wish.” I believe it to be so true.

Even though it’s a special time of year where anything for 2018 seems possible, the fact of the matter is without a plan; your dreams will stay wishes and not tangible achievements.

As a coach, it can be difficult to watch so many promising entrepreneurs stay stuck wishing for success and not taking the actionable steps to get where they want to be. They’ve dreamed for so long about creating a stable, sustainable business, and yet, they never make any progress.

In my latest blog post, I go into much more detail and give 3 strategies to turn your dream into a workable plan. One of those is the idea of starting with the long term, or what Stephen Covey talks about in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, beginning with the end in mind.

Ultimately, without knowing where you’re headed, it’s impossible to create a map to get there. You need to know what your destination is, so that every day, week, month, and year you can check your progress to be sure you’re still heading in the right direction.

For more of my tips on how to turn your dream into a workable plan, visit my blog post.

I’d also love to hear from you, click reply and let me know, what’s one thing you’re going to do every day to turn your dream into a plan?

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