We like to keep to 3 Simple Steps around here. Here are 3 Simple Steps to creating a system for your Fabulously Balanced Life! 

1. Determine what needs to be achieved.

The first step in creating a system is to define what needs to be achieved through the system. Here are some examples:

  • Responding to requests for more information in a timely manner.
  • Creating consistent content for your blog and/or social media.
  • Paying monthly invoices or personal bills.

2. Document every step

This is where you want to write down every step in the process as if you were writing an instruction manual. You also want to note the tools used and (when applicable) the person responsible for the task. Remember, what makes a system work is documenting the process, the tools, and the people. Click here for more information and examples.

Using the earlier example of creating consistent content for your blog and/or Social Media, some steps in my personal process might include:

  • Christine enters content ideas into Trello
  • During weekly team call, content is planned. Topic ideas are dated for the publish date
  • Christine writes first draft of the blog post and saves it in the Dropbox folder labeled “blog”
  • Christine adds a task for Jessica to proof the document.
  • Using track changes, Jessica proofs the document and adds any comments or questions to the task.
  • Christine does a final review of the document

You get the idea …

3. TEST Your System

Now that you have documented the process, the tools, and the people, you want to test the system to be sure you captured each step. During your test, stay open to opportunities to improve the process. You may find steps that can be removed to streamline the process, or you may identify a tool which could automate a step or two. When possible, you want to test the process with another person to see if the steps make sense to them and if they would be able to understand and complete the process.


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