If you are struggling to make progress toward your yearly goals, you’re not alone. The truth is yearly goals alone don’t work. They lack the urgency and the implementation to succeed.

You must have noticed this for yourself? Maybe you get 6 months into the year, you look back only to be disappointed with the progress you made.

I don’t want this for you! I’ve seen this happen frequently to talented female entrepreneurs and its for this reason I want to share my 90 day struggle to success 5-day challenge.

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As a part of the challenge you will receive the complete 90-Day Success Plan workbook, access to the daily live video’s, as well as the support an accountability you need to succeed!


If you are sick of watching the months pass by and not seeing progress on your goals, you are not alone!

According to Business Insider, 80% of New Years Resolutions Fail By February and the same is said to be true for our business goals.

Every year, we set arbitrary timelines with no urgency to implement.

– If we reach the end of February without progress, we still have 10 months to make it up.

– If we reach the end of the quarter, there are three more quarters left!

– If we do happen to reach a goal sooner than expected, we stay stuck because yearly plans lack the flexibility needed to make adjustments.

I’m not saying plans aren’t important.

I do believe that the process of planning is valuable and It Is the implementation that creates success!

During this 5-Day Challenge, we will reframe our thinking around planning, and develop an actionable 90-day plan.



Start the challenge with exercises to help you gain clarity on your vision for your life and how your business fits into that vision.



Create an implementation plan with specific steps to reach meaningful deadlines.


Collaborate with others and gain support and accountability to reach your goals.

You’ll come away from this challenge with not just a clear plan of action on how to reach your goals, but a step-by- step easy to implement strategic plan which will excite and energize you… not overwhelm you!

Let me ask you, would you rather struggle through the rest of the year unfocused and unmotivated? Or would you rather create an actionable and effective plan and achieve your goals in only half the time?

Let’s Do This!

I’m Christine Morris, Your Business and Productivity Mentor. I want to help you to create a life that will encompass the passion that you have for your business while still allowing you to prioritize the needs of your life outside of the office.