6-Week Fast Action Bootcamp

Accountability and Support
to help you stay on track this summer!

It’s easy to sit back and enjoy the summer – that’s what most people would do! The thing is, you’re not like most people!

With focus and commitment you can break down the most important tasks to help you achieve more this summer, while still leaving time for fun. Part of this process is getting the right accountability and support.

That’s where I come in!

In My 6-Week Fast Action Bootcamp we will get super clear on what you need to be doing to make progress and give your business a boost this summer. I’ll be here beside you to answer questions and keep you focused.

The program includes:

  • A 1-hour Kick-off call to strategize and set your plan
  • Unlimited access for support and questions via Voxer, Text, or Email
  • Access to two key programs: Finding Your Why and Creating Your 90-Day Plan
  • A 60 Day Trial of My Academy Mastermind

This next session begins on July 9!

A little about me … 

I am a systems-oriented business coach and mentor, productivity expert, mom and wife. I help busy moms and business owners clarify their vision, create a plan and build a life and business that they LOVE!

With nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience and a thriving family and business, I know how to identify and implement the best systems for each unique business and situation.

As a busy mom and entrepreneur myself, I love to serve women who are in that same space and who are ready to streamline their tasks to dramatically amp up their productivity!

What others are saying … 

Christine’s workshop on building your email list was just what I needed! My biggest struggle has been understanding how the different puzzle pieces of the email marketing world fit together to convert to an actual strategy and happy followers.  I learned exactly how to design my lead magnet for my audience and then the exact sequence of follow-ups to convert leads to loyal followers. My list has grown from nowhere to somewhere, and I’m getting more traffic than ever.

John Macdonald


Christine Morris is a wealth of knowledge and support. Luckily for the rest of us, she loves to share this knowledge! During our coaching sessions, I feel that my passions are her passions, too. She helps me to focus my energy to meet my goals much faster than I would accomplish on my own.

Denise Clarity

Liberation From The Mundane

Christine has been incredible with helping me establish systems and routines that have made me more efficient, and balanced, in all areas of my life!

Kris C

Working with Christine was truly a pleasure. She really got inside my head and knew how to get me to focus.

She introduced me to several programs that are helping me create balance in my life AND my business. She made me believe in myself and pushed me when I needed it! Thank you Christine!

Melissa H

WOW! and again Wow! Christine’s presentation on Work Smarter Not Harder: The secrets to feeling less stress and having more time! is just FABULOUS! Just like the name of her company 🙂 This is the perfect way to kick off “Amplify” The IVAA Online Summit 2018!