We have reached the half-way point for the year, a time where many start wondering where the time went. You may have absolutely demolished your goals but more likely than not, you’re feeling a bit behind. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose track of your goals or stop mapping out new ones.

Now is a great time to look over what you have accomplished and make plans for the remainder of the year. Evaluating the year can sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Making a practice of reviewing your goals regularly is important for maintaining focus and growing a successful business. It’s never too late to step back, reflect on your goals, contemplate your progress and focus on making this year your most successful!

To start, pull out your goals for the year. I put all of my goals, whether they be yearly, monthly, or 5 years in the same binder so that I have them all in one place for easy review. If you didn’t write goals down, it’s never too late to start! Our Monthly Review Workbook is a great place to start mapping out some goals and measure progress.

Assess your performance to date.

As entrepreneurs, we often forget how much we accomplish each day, let alone each month or quarter. In fact, we often focus on the 2% that doesn’t get done and neglect the 98% that is going fabulously! Take a moment to list your accomplishments to date. I’ve created a worksheet to help you write all that you have accomplished in the last few months, no matter how significant you may feel it is. You can grab a copy of the worksheet right here.

Once you compile your list of accomplishments, think about what helped you reach your results to see if there are any patterns. I complete this exercise regularly and have found that there are typically distinct patterns for many accomplishments. Some of the patterns that work for me are being more consistent with my marketing and networking or learning to delegate more.

Once you have completed the worksheet, take a moment to reflect on what you wanted to achieve but didn’t. Be honest with yourself and assess why you didn’t achieve those goals? Were there personal circumstances that kept getting in the way? Has your business changed, requiring you to reassess your goals? Has your ideal client changed?

Adapting goals for priorities that have changed is important so that you are focusing your energy in the right area. Look for any areas that you may be neglecting. Are you wasting time on things that you do not want to be focusing on? Have you not started something that you set out to do? Determining any gaps at the mid-year can help avoid wasting any addition time.

Map out your goals for the rest of the year.

Now it’s time to get clear on what you really want to achieve for the remainder of the year. Take a moment to journal about what your life will look like when you close out the year. Yes, I did say your life – not just your business! Think about your ideal day, what you WANT to be doing for your clients and how your business will operate. This will help you to be really clear on where you want to be.

Now define the three main goals you wish to accomplish by the end of the year and the steps you need to take to get there.

Regular review of our progress and our goals helps build confidence and set our focus on success. If you found this information helpful, be sure to join us for our Monthly Review and planning call.