Nine years ago, I started my career in the online world with a goal to help business owners find the time to grow their business and live a life that they loved.

I had just left a job that was taking a lot of my time. I was trying to be all things to all people while failing at the things that mattered most. Things like being a good mom and taking care of my own personal needs.

When I left that position, I decided it was time to stop the glorification of “busyness” and I set out to help others to do the same.

What I envisioned was a business that allowed me the flexibility to spend time with my family. I would work around my children’s school schedules, doctors appointments and volunteer commitments. I would have the freedom to serve others but on my terms.

I took on clients and tasks with the best of intentions, never expecting to quickly find myself struggling with the same busyness and overwhelm that I set out to help others avoid.

Being an entrepreneur was not as easy as it sounded.

I was passionate about my business and had taken on a great amount of work but I did not have the systems and structure in place to manage it all. On top of that, I had two small children with chronic illnesses who needed my attention.

This was a challenge that I was determined to figure out, so I took a step back to do just that.

I created systems and support that allowed me to live a life I wanted to live and I want the same for you!

Just putting systems in place to automate tasks and make everything more efficient has changed the lives of countless small business owners. They’ll change yours, too.

Systems Success School will help you put systems in place so that you are actually doing a whole lot less, but more is getting done.