2018 can totally be your year to “level up.”

The Planning Your Best Year 5-day Challenge will help you connect very specific dots between your goals and actionable day-to-day tasks.

The Planning Your Best Year Ever 5-Day challenge starts December 4th. 

You might be awesome at to-do lists and amazing at big-picture visions, but unless those two elements line up, you’re going to find yourself at a standstill. Planning Your Best Year Ever will get you moving again in the exact direction of success for 2017.

“Really?? How??”

Glad you asked! This is how our free challenge will help you kick-start the new year:

  • Review and celebrate the last 12 months to identify the most valuable areas of focus

  • Get super clear on “Your Why” to understand what truly drives you and what you want for next year

  • Use a holistic approach by integrating family relationships, finances and business strategy to set specific monthly goals

Each day you will receive an email with information and activities. You’ll have access to our Private Facebook Community where I will check in each day with information, to answer any questions and to help keep you accountable.

Your total investment is a couple hours of your time. Each day of the challenge will require about ten minutes minimum to work through each action step. The more time you spend to dig deep as well as engage with our community will only expand your clarity surrounding your goals and plan.

Christine Morris is a wealth of knowledge and support. Luckily for the rest of us, she loves to share this knowledge! During our coaching sessions, I feel that my passions are her passions, too. She helps me to focus my energy to meet my goals much faster than I would accomplish on my own.

Denise Clarity

Liberation From The Mundane

The Planning Your Best Year Ever 5-Day challenge starts December 4th.

I know the value of a specific plan. I’m Christine Morris, and I am the founder of FabulouslyBalancedLife.com. After starting my business as a virtual assistant and quickly building a multi-VA team, I moved on to become the highly sought-after Online Business Manager and Systems expert that I am today.

I have worked behind the scenes on several 6- and 7- figure businesses, managing their teams and creating strategies for growth. Now I want to show you how to use that expertise for your business!

I know exactly what it’s like to have so much passion, but not a lot of time. I know what it feels like to be totally aligned with my purpose, but unsure of where to put my energy first. This free challenge is going to help you put that plan in place so you are taking consistent bite-size pieces together to move ahead toward big goals!