A lot of new business owners and even the most seasoned business owners can struggle with content creation overwhelm. Creating content, whether it be marketing material or content for your programs can be a real challenge.

Often we struggle with the topics, we may lack creative inspiration or worry that our content won’t be well received. Here are three tips for overcoming content creation overwhelm and also my strategy that takes one piece of content and turns it into 10 (or more!)

Stop worrying so much about what sets you apart

Instead, focus on listening to your audience and being a resource for them. You want to listen to understand their challenges and provide a solution. When you listen, they will tell you what they need and what topics concern them.

This doesn’t mean that you have to have all the answers – you just need to be able to share the right resource at the right time.

Focus on being you in your content creation

Whether your content involves video, audio or written form, don’t try to be someone you are not. Be authentic, Be You and be generous with your time and content. As their resource, you want to be available to answer questions and provide support where they need it.

Sharing what you learn

This is a tip from my mentor, Bob Heilig. He calls it learning out loud. Share the things you are learning or that are coming up either personally or while working with other clients. That same information that you are learning and the experiences you have with your clients are going to be helpful to others.

My bonus tip: Repurposing content

It’s important to make your content available to your audience across several different channels. Not everyone is watching Facebook Live, but they may be regular followers on your blog.  Some people are more active on LinkedIn, while others consume the majority of their content on Pinterest.

The way I have overcome Content Creation Overwhelm is to repurpose my content. I have learned to take one piece of content and turn it into 10 or more. Often this starts with one Facebook live video.

That one video often becomes a blog post when I take the transcript and post it on my blog. I use a service called rev.com, for just $1 per minute, they transcribe the video and return it to me in minutes. Other times, I use the notes that I have created for the video to create the blog post – like I did with this post!

Once I create the blog post, I share the new blog post on my Facebook page, in my Facebook groups and on my other social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest).

I create quote images to use on social media (usually Instagram), and I upload the video to my YouTube Channel. Finally, I add the blog post or video to my weekly newsletter.