Email is one of the top sources of overwhelm and as we talked about before, it can be fairly simple to get out of email overwhelm but the key is to maintain your email once you get it back under control and that’s where Gmail Plugins can help.

I always say I am a Google GIrl because I absolutely love Gmail and GSuite, which I use for business. But I can’t be alone – the most recent statistic I found is from July 2017 but at that time, Google reported 1.2 Billion Gmail Users. So lets cover some of the plugins that help improve your productivity:

The first place to look is in GMail Labs

You can access this in your settings. Some of my favorites that I have enabled are AUTO-ADVANCE – which allows me to advance to the next email after I delete or archive an email. This is one of the tools that allows me to process my email quickly.

Canned Response allows me to create templated responses to emails I receive frequently. These can be customized and are great for frequently answered questions or sending information to new clients on how to get started. I use this for some of my networking follow-up emails and inquiries to those who want to join our local Polka Dot Powerhouse chapter.

Find A Plugin That Fits Your Email Needs

Some of my other favorites are Boomerang and WiseStamp. Boomerang is great for helping create boundaries when working with clients and for making sure you get a response to an email you send.

There are three main functions with Boomerang – one is to send an email at a later time. This is good for building boundaries with clients. You can still have the flexibility to work when and where you want but schedule an email to send during normal business hours. The 2nd function is to set an email to return to you if no one responds. The email will come back to your inbox, which is helpful when you are waiting for important information from someone. It can be a trigger for you to follow up either with another email or by phone.

Finally – and this is a big one for productivity – there is Boomerang pause. This allows you to keep email from coming into your inbox for a designated amount of time. This can help you if you are often distracted by watching for email to arrive and simply closing your inbox isn’t helping that habit.

There are several other plugins and tools you can use with Gmail – I won’t go into detail on all of them here but know that many of the tools you use may have plugins to make your email more productive. For example, there is the GQueues plugin which allows you to create tasks from your email. There are plugins for Trello and even an integration that allows me to schedule or share a Calendly link right from my email.

Does Your Inbox Need A Makeover?


I hope you found this tip helpful, If you would like more help with your email I encourage you to check out my inbox makeover.

It’s a step by step video on the system I use to quickly process email for clients who have had thousands of email in their inbox and includes details on how to set up your inbox to easily maintain it.