95cdfeefWhat if I told you that you could save an hour a day starting tomorrow?

Saving one hour a day adds up to 5 hours per week. That’s more than half a day each week! Imagine if you could log off at 11 am every Friday without worrying about all the stuff that didn’t get done.

This is exactly how I work my business. Friday’s are fun days for me to spend as I wish. Some days I do choose to work, usually because I’ve enjoyed some extra time off earlier in the week!

Here are four solutions that can save you an hour a day and you can start putting them in place right now.

Save time with proper project management

If you’re still managing your team with email and Skype messages, please stop. When you rely on email, things get lost, messages are forgotten (or never received) and balls are inevitably dropped. Not to mention all the time that you are wasting, sifting through your emails for that one piece of information you need.

With a project management system in place, you create a virtual office that contains all the information you and your team need to work your business from anywhere! Sign up for Teamwork today, and stop running your task list from your inbox. Not only will you have one place to look for tasks that are still outstanding, but you’ll also be able to tell at a glance what needs your immediate attention while building accountability within your team!

Save time with proper documentation

Do you find yourself reinventing the wheel every time you complete a task like setting up a new opt-in or uploading a video to your blog? The next time you complete a task, take 5 minutes to document the steps. Before you know it, you will have created a SOP for your business. The next time you have to create that opt-in (or better yet, when you delegate it to your VA), you’ll be able to quickly work out what needs to happen. There will be fewer mistakes, and the work will get done faster.

Save time by creating a business organization chart

If you have multiple people on your team, an organization chart is critical. Rather than everyone coming to you for questions—or worse, asking the wrong person and getting the wrong answer—take the time to create an organization chart. Add it to your operations manual (in your virtual office!) and make sure that your team knows where it is and what it’s for. Now, rather than your Skype chat blowing up with questions all day long, you’ll have time for the more important tasks.

Save time by blocking your time 

I often talk about creating your ideal day. Get out your calendar and start making appointments with yourself. Decide when you’ll check your email, when you’ll work on client projects, and be sure to schedule in some personal time.

Next, you need to stick to your schedule. These self-imposed deadlines will not only force you to get the work done, but they’ll help keep you focused, so rather than wasting time on Facebook, you’ll be working on your business.

All of these systems can be set up in an afternoon—at least initially. But the time they will save when you use them consistently is phenomenal. An hour a day is just the beginning, but you have to put in the work to set the foundation.  In the end, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before you did these four things to improve your business.

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Being a successful business owner doesn’t have to mean being constantly stressed and spending hours in front of a computer.

Successful business owners find what is causing the overwhelm, use tools to get more organized and adopt good habits that make them more productive every day.

Download my free guide to overcome the top three sources of overload (email management, calendar management, and ego management) and walk you through the steps to be more organized, less stressed and create a fabulously balanced life!