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The transition to entrepreneurship starts with an idea. We then work to develop our idea and marketing it to the masses, hoping someone will need what we have to offer. Often we give little thought to our ideal client profile, believing that we can market our services to everyone.   

The idea of an ideal client profile is typically an afterthought that comes up when we aren’t getting results or when an unpleasant experience with a client shows us exactly who we don’t want to work with. Even then, the ideal client profile is often met with some resistance.

Many entrepreneurs feel that defining an ideal client limits your potential. Others simply miss the relevance of creating a profile that goes deeper than the typical demographics. In my entrepreneurial studies courses, I anticipate the students telling me that they don’t care that their client is a 25-year-old single female who enjoys yoga and is active in her local theater group.

Develop your services around your ideal client profile

When you are clear about who your ideal client is, you understand what their struggles are and can develop your services to address that specific need.

If your ideal client is a female entrepreneur with young children, who values physical activity and involved in her community, chances are she’s busy! Her time may be limited, as she divides her attention between her family and personal or professional needs.  

How you deliver services to this busy mom can be very different than delivering services to a career focused executive working 16 hour days. When you develop your services based on your ideal client profile, you can offer the solution to their specific challenge, in a way that makes it obvious to them that they need you!

Marketing directly to your Ideal Client

More importantly, how you market to this busy mom may be very different than how you would market to a young, single male. When you are clear about who your ideal client is, you can determine where to find those clients and utilize that network to market to them.

By going beyond basic demographics, you build confidence in who your ideal client is and can speak directly to them. Everything you do can bring you closer to them, from writing a blog post that speaks to their needs to attending events that they frequent.

Become the Go-To Expert

When your message resonates with your ideal client, you can differentiate yourself from others and become the go-to expert in your field, opening yourself up to more opportunities. Rather than be the small fish in a big pond, you can position yourself as the “Big Fish in a Small Pond.”

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