This is an important week for our family! Our oldest daughter graduates from high school on Friday and I couldn’t be more excited for her! She will be heading off to her first school of choice in August with so many possibilities. This graduation week has me reflecting on so many life lessons in resiliency and chasing your dreams while always keeping the big picture in mind.

I often tell people that Kate wants to be a Rock Star. I mean, who doesn’t! But seriously, things never came easy for Kate, but she literally found her voice and is chasing her dreams. She’s pursuing vocal performance with a minor in Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology.

I have encouraged Kate to chase her dreams, having faith that she will land right where she belongs. Of course, faith is just part of the equation. I remind her she needs to do the work. As an entrepreneur, making connections, being open to opportunity and being consistent.

It’s funny how these mom lessons sometimes smack you in the face! We can play armchair quarterback. We see the potential in others and can’t help but give advice. Yet, it’s not as easy to look at yourself the same way.

So, as I navigate this next milestone of motherhood, I’m taking a look in the mirror and encourage you to do the same.

Are you doing the work that you need to do and do you have faith that you will land exactly where you belong?

Wishing you a productive day!

Christine Morris



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