Your business rules your life

If your clients are calling, texting, or emailing at all hours of the day, expecting you to answer, your business is ruling your life. Boundaries are important to your wellbeing. Without them, resentment builds, toward your clients and your business.

You went into business for freedom and flexibility. You and your clients need to respect that! Set your boundaries and expectations (aka business hours) from the start or implement them starting today!

You feel burned out

Business burnout will show up for many reasons. It comes when you are solely responsible for completing every task. Or when you don’t set boundaries. It shows up when work infringes on your family time or you simply don’t feel supported.

Burnout shows up in different forms for different people but often results in feeling physically sick, unfulfilled, and wanting to throw in the towel. Both your brain and your body need downtime to relax and regroup. This is why it’s important to step away for a few moments and why a good night’s sleep is so important to physical health.

You don’t have any free time with family or friends

I’m all about a Fabulously Balanced Life and this is exactly why! I want to make the most of my time with family and friends and I am sure you want more of that too! Relationships are important for our wellbeing – no one belongs locked up in their office 24/7!

Even those still feeling the love for their business need a break! Your friends and family will miss you or even feel neglected otherwise. Whether you realize you are doing it or not, these feelings of neglect can fester into feelings of resentment. A spouse may feel you love the business more than them. Your kids will feel that “mommy’s always working.” Your friends may get tired of issuing invitations, only to be turned down.

Make your relationships a priority. If you have to, schedule in time each week to check in with friends and schedule regular date nights/days with your spouse and your kids. Without a strong support structure, your efforts to build a legacy may leave you alone in the world.

You spend more time on administrative tasks than with clients

This is a big one: If your spending more time on administrative tasks than actually working your business, you need to make a change immediately. Some people get so caught up in the day-to-day that they aren’t making sales or don’t have the time to dedicate to the clients they have.

Yes, you there are things you need to do behind the scenes to market yourself and get new clients but it should not take over your life. Look for ways to streamline what you are doing, outsource if you can, or simply make a bigger impact with less effort.

The right right changes can breathe new life into your business and get you back to feeling the freedom and flexibility that you set out to create!

Need help getting started?

I want to help you to create a life that will encompass the passion that you have for your business while still allowing you to prioritize the needs of your life outside of the office.

Let’s connect for a virtual coffee chat to see if I can help you move your business and your life to the next level!