Right now the theme among my clients and community members is managing this busy time of year. The focus seems to be getting back to a more productive and balanced life.

This midpoint of the year is a time when most of us reflect on our goals and assess our progress to date.

It’s also the time of year when the children are home, vacations are planned, and many are enjoying trips to the shore or long days at the pool.

Some of my biggest challenges during the summer have been the things that I most enjoy. Recital week, day trips to the beach, those impromptu days off my husband likes to take … because he can!

That mid-year check-in and the start of the busy summer season often brings uneasy feelings. We may recognize goals we missed or have big exciting projects that we are eager to jump into.

Either way, It can be overwhelming to think about how to stay productive or grow your business while managing your summer schedules.

Know that you are not alone! I am in a rather busy time of year. My daughter graduated high school a little over a week ago, this week starts Recital week, and next week we have a day trip to drop my youngest at camp.

The summer months have always been about making the most of my time in the office – so being as focused and productive as I can, while embracing the moments that are most important in life.

How do you balance summer fun and your growing business?

(Check out the video below or continue reading my tips below:)

Keep doing what you are doing

You need to stick to your habits and routines, even when they are modified in some ways. Structure and routine are the things that keep us focused and productive. It’s ok to take days off, but you need to be careful that one day of sleeping in doesn’t turn into a week of late mornings.

Schedule Your Priorities

I always say that if it isn’t on my calendar, it won’t get done. This week I am going to be spending a lot of time watching dance rehearsals. I know that I will spend a lot of time out of the office, so I need to schedule my work carefully. I need to focus on those things that will have the highest impact to keep the momentum going. Planning is essential, especially in the summer. Schedule your deadlines, plan for time to do the work and stay focused on getting things done, so you have more time for fun.

Monitor yourself

Discipline comes naturally for some, but for many of us, it can be tough. Self-discipline shouldn’t have such a negative feel. Think of it as empowering and giving you control over your day and your goals! I know for myself, I can quickly go off course if I am not monitoring what I am doing.

One simple trick is the Pomodoro method. I set a timer for 20 minutes then take a 10-minute break. I use this with my Top 3 items for the day which I schedule into focus blocks. So here’s what that looks like – during my daily planning (usually the day before), I choose the three things that I must do that day. I then figure out when I will do those tasks and set these three focus blocks of time on my calendar. I then set a timer and get things done!

I also need to monitor those things that can sidetrack me — TV … if I turn the TV on during business hours, it’s over. I used to LOVE taking time for a cup of coffee with Good Morning America in the background. Next thing I knew, it was noon, and nothing was getting done. I rarely watch TV during the day … or at all. When I do, it’s usually late evening or a rare weekend binge session.

Get Support

My last tip for monitoring yourself is more of a tech tip — you can use apps like Moment or Rescue Time to monitor your phone usage. Moment tracks your screen time and even helps you recognize why you pick your phone up when you do. I’m a bit competitive, so the graph showing my total time on my phone compared to previous days has me working to do better each day!

Both of these apps help you to understand your daily habits, so you can be more productive.

If you have a specific challenge during the summer months or tip to help others stay on track, let me know in the comments below or share it in our private Facebook Community.

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