Just before the start of the year, I wrote about Finding your purpose and planning your best year ever. I then followed it up with the Plan Your Best Year Challenge in our private Facebook Group. The work doesn’t end there – it’s time for a Mid-Year Review!

It would be easy to let the next six months fly by without checking in on the goals we set for the year. As entrepreneurs, there are so many tasks we need to worry about that it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and get caught up in the day-to-day.

Whether you participated in the earlier challenge or not, I encourage you to complete regular weekly and Monthly reviews to maintain focus. I also suggest spending time reviewing and reflecting on a quarterly basis and doing a more comprehensive Mid-Year Review.

The Mid-Year Review is a time to shine the spotlight on those goals you set back in January so that you can measure your progress and create a plan to stay focused for the rest of the year. It’s designed to get you back on track if you lost focus and if you didn’t do a comprehensive planning session for the year, this is the perfect place for you to start!

Think back to how you started the year

I always say that before you can look forward, you need to spend some time looking back on the previous months. You have likely accomplished a lot, even if you don’t always see it. Pull out the goals that you set for the year. Grab your calendar, journals, and planners and reflect in a quiet place.

TIP: I put all of my goals, whether they be yearly, monthly, or 5 years in the same notebook so I have them all in one place for regular review.

Review the goals that you set in January and make a list of your accomplishments, no matter how small. As entrepreneurs, we often forget how much we accomplish each day, let alone each month or quarter. In fact, we often focus on the 2% that doesn’t get done and neglect the 98% that is going well!

As you review your goals, don’t be surprised if the goals you set have changed. As small business owners, things can change rather quickly, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Adapting goals for priorities that have changed is important so that you are focusing your energy on the right projects.

In fact, if you are tracking metrics and completing your monthly review, you should be recognizing trends and making adjustments as to what is working and what isn’t in your business.

Do a Monthly Review

Once you review the goals you set for the year, do a month by month review, looking at your calendar, your journal, your metrics, etc. to determine what has been working for you and reflect on any patterns that you notice.

As you list each accomplishment, consider the strategies and resources you used to hit each goal so that you can incorporate more of what has worked into your planning for the rest of the year.

You also want to consider what didn’t work so well. Look at offers that didn’t sell and any strategies that didn’t work the way you expected and determine why it didn’t work. Did you not promote it enough? Was it not the right offer for your audience? Think through what went wrong and decide if you should try again or if an update would provide added value to your audience.

Consider any challenges that you faced. I think it is important to point out that challenges can be anything good or bad that got in your way. You may have taken an extended vacation, been distracted with activities your children are involved in or faced an unexpected family emergency.

Of course, another possibility is that you simply didn’t have a plan. Regardless, you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes again. Being aware of what has been getting in your way allows you to better manage it in the future.

Make a plan and schedule activities to get back on track to reach your goals!

Don’t let this process overwhelm you. Simply consider what can you do differently to close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be at the end of the year.

Now that you know what has worked and what hasn’t, you can focus your time and energy wisely, rather than repeating your past mistakes. Don’t reinvent the wheel, repeat the strategies that you know have been successful.

And if you aren’t on track to reach your goals, ask yourself what you need to do to get there and create a plan to make it happen. Define what your focus will be each month and the specific strategies to attract, engage and nurture your potential clients.


Don’t forget your Finances!

One more tip to consider during your Mid-Year review is a review of your taxes and finances. No one wants to go through the tax prep stress of cramming in a year of bookkeeping for tax prep. A review of your finances will help you avoid trouble down the road. Here is a great resources for a mid-year review of taxes and finances.

Stay Focused for the months ahead!

It’s time to shine the spotlight on those goals you set back in January so that you can measure your progress and create a plan to stay focused for the rest of the year.

The Mid-Year Review is designed to get you back on track if you have lost your focus. If you are new to business or didn’t do a comprehensive planning session for the year, this is also the perfect place for you to start!

Each day you will receive a new module to walk you through the Mid-Year Review process and get back on track to reach your goals! You’ll also have an online community of business owners for added support and accountability!