Woman with a passion for business

In the spirit of valentine’s day, I thought it was time to talk about your passion for business. I had a business connect meeting last week with a woman I met at a recent speaking engagement. She is in her first few years in business and wanted to talk about something that has been weighing on her mind.

What if I am losing my passion for business?

She has been facing some challenges and frustrations while also facing (possibly unsolicited) advice from others that it may be time to simply give up. I took a deep breath when she asked. I had to be honest with her and I need to be honest with you!  

The truth is I’ve been there – we’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s a few days, and there have been times (more recently than I like to admit) where I’ve felt stuck for weeks. Things happen, life gets in the way, we may feel a bit burned out after a big push – it happens! I think it’s part of the normal entrepreneurial journey.

The entrepreneurial journey can be a real emotional roller coaster full of excitement and optimism. If we aren’t careful, our fears creep in, and we plunge down the hill. If we are aware of our fears, we can intercept these feelings and stay the course. If we let the fear take over, we can wonder if we will ever recover our passion.  

When we feel stagnant or like we have lost passion in our business, we have a choice. We can simply give up, or we can learn from the experience and try again. If you are ready to continue, here are some tips to recover your passion for business.

Intercept your excuses

I know it is easier said than done. Right now, I can honestly say that life is getting in the way. I am dealing with some anxiety; I’m dealing with family and friends who are facing serious illness. I am also dealing with some great things like activities for my girls, celebrating and enjoying this precious time with them. All valid things that justify my lack of passion for work right now.

What do you see when you read that? It’s easy to see through others “excuses,” but when you are in it yourself, it’s hard. The truth is that buried below your excuses and procrastination we often find fear. Fear of failure, fear that we aren’t good enough, maybe it’s fear of the uncomfortable feelings of stretching beyond what is comfortable in our world.

I admit I have been riding out my excuses for a few weeks. I have been aware but resistant to change until I decided that without changing SOMETHING, I was never going to be satisfied!

Be aware of your fears and excuses

Like any roller coaster, we want to keep that momentum and not plunge down the hill and get stuck. We want to keep moving! When we stop or slow down, it’s much harder to build that momentum to get to the top.

If we are aware of our fears and excuses, we can keep moving forward. We can set strategies to stay the course and avoid distractions. Habits and routine can help to keep us on track while we evaluate our next steps.

Reconnect with your why

Revisit your reason that you are in business and the goals you have set for yourself. When I take the time to review my goals and reconnect with my why, I often get the push I need to take the next step, no matter how small.

The smallest steps can keep us moving forward when things get tough. When we take consistent action, no matter how small, we will begin to see results and regain focus and passion.  

Surround Yourself with Positive People

It’s always important to surround yourself with positive people and even more important when you are trying to build a business and life you love. To stay focused, surround yourself with like-minded people who understand your passion and support you.

Building a business is hard work. It can also be lonely. Get out and meet others who share your goals and vision. Consciously build relationships with those who understand the challenges and can provide support when you need it.

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