My last blog post talked about the busy end of school year schedules and how even the most organized can struggle from time to time. Ironically, It seems that just when you think things are crazy, something happens to show you where your true priorities lie.

Stick with me here, because there is a huge business lesson or reminder in this newsletter.

If you have known me for some time, I don’t hide my story and my belief that you need to set your business up to run without you. Most of us went into business for the freedom and flexibility, which is great, but there is the topic that no one wants to face when it comes to owning a business…

What if something were to happen to you?

I have been a little silent the last few weeks, dealing with that busy end of school year schedule for my graduating daughter and have now been faced with a family crisis. We are fine, but a close family member has taken ill and everyone is scrambling to determine what to do next. Not just medically, but with personal and business matters.

This recent tragedy got me thinking back to a time where tragedy hit much closer to home. Luckily, when we lost everything in a fire, I had effective systems, workflow, and processes in place. This meant that my business wasn’t as affected as it could have been had I not had them.

I don’t want to be the Debbie Downer here – my attitude in a crisis is to face it head on, deal with the problems, find solutions and call in all the resources we need to get to the next step. But, I wanted to use this opportunity and ask, would your business be able to survive a tragedy? Do you have the systems in place where everything would continue to run, even if something were to happen to you or a loved one?

They say to “expect the best, prepare for the worst” and this is a great motto to live by. But what really does “prepare for the worst” actually look like for your business?

Take a look at these resources below for ideas here:

How to build strong foundations in a storm of overwhelm

Why documented and centralized systems are important

In the meantime, add a response and let me know, if you feel confident that your business could weather a storm?


What are Systems and Why Do You Need Them?

So first, what is a system?

A system is, essentially, a task broken down into the details that make it work. For example, let’s say you have a newsletter that is published monthly. You need to be documenting the people responsible, the individual steps of the process from beginning to completion, and what tools may be needed to complete the task.

But what’s the difference between a process and system?

A process is a sequence of events or steps you take to do what you do. It may be something that you aren’t even aware of until someone, like me, asks or points it out. Think about your morning routine. Chances are, we may not think much about it because it has become a habit. While the undocumented process may work just fine for your morning routine (although I would love to help you systematize that as well), your business needs systems.

Contiune Reading…


Wondering Where Your Time Goes?

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck, like there is not enough time in the day, then it is time to do a Audit of where you are spending your time.

Find Your Blind Spots Within A Week And Create A Fabulously Balanced Life!