Metrics are a key element in growing your business, yet the actual process of tracking metrics can be overwhelming to business owners.

To stay focused on your goals and your growth you need to measure your key metrics. Once again, I encourage you to start with the KISS Method. We like to Keep It Super Simple when it comes to any process or procedure.

First, let’s talk about metrics as a whole. Metrics are quantifiable measurements that are used to track a specific area of your business. Examples of some primary areas where you would track metrics are your financial goals, specific sales targets or traffic sources.

You also want to look at your specific goals you have for your business to establish additional metrics that you would like to measure.

Early in my business, I decided to make some changes in how I served my customers. I had already been successful in reaching the goals I had set for my business and the change in direction was scary, to say the least. During this transition, I knew it would be important not to lose momentum. One specific focus I had was on continued financial growth.

To stay focused on the financial goals I had set for myself, I created a simple spreadsheet to break my yearly income goal into 12 monthly goals. This created a visual showing a comparison between the income earned for each month of the previous year and allowed me to track monthly revenue going forward. As I monitor my income, I can evaluate and adjust along the way.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.48.23 PM

I kept this spreadsheet on my desk to motivate me, and to make it easier to continue to monitor and grow each month. It was extremely helpful for me to have it front and center as I transitioned to my new business model.

This is an example of a simple tracking method that you can use to monitor other important metrics in your business regularly. I have attached this basic spreadsheet for you to use!

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A monthly review, or any review of your progress, may be one of the most important steps in growing your business and in improving any area of your life.

That’s why we created The Monthly Review & Planning  Workbook to walk you through my three steps to review the previous month and plan for the month ahead.