Why do you do what you do? Many of us want to respond with answers like that sound more like goals – to spend summers at the beach or to spend more time with the children. Some are money related: to help save for retirement or buy that dream car.

What the most successful business owners know is that the thing that sets them apart and leads to the most successful or fulfilling life is understanding your why.

I recently shared that I had been working to get clear on my purpose and understand how certain things I am passionate about tie into that. As a group, my mastermind had been working through Simon Sinek’s new book Find Your Why. During our live retreat, we took that work even deeper.

Your WHY is your deeper purpose, and when we understand what that is, we find a deeper connection to who we are and how we serve others. Your “why” is what ultimately drives us to success, but here’s the thing: it’s different for everyone.

Your why is set in your early teen years and can be found in those early memories that feel most significant for you.

If you are feeling unclear about what that purpose is, take some time to reflect on that. I promise you that time you take will be worth it! One way to do this is to journal about some of your earliest stories or to write about 5 of your proudest moments and see if you find a theme that stands out to you.

This journey has brought so much clarity to my life and my business. I always felt pretty clear on what I do but there was a disconnect between what I do, and why I do it. Now, I can better understand the events that led me to where I am and the bigger impact that I want to have in the world.

Your WHY is your deeper purpose, and when we understand what that is, we find a deeper connection to who we are and how we serve others.

Once you are aware of your purpose, you can align the how and the what. Your how is how you fulfill that purpose and your what would be the products or services you provide.

Whatever it is, your “why” is the driving force behind every action you take. When you’re deciding whether or not to take on a new client, ask yourself if it’s aligned with your “why.” When you’re setting goals for the year, ask yourself if those goals are moving you closer or further from your why. Thinking of branching out into a new business venture? Make sure it’s in alignment with your purpose, and success is suddenly much more attainable.

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