Chances are you have numerous email addresses that you manage:  Personal emails, business emails, client emails. You may have a support inbox that you monitor and many of you even have a special email that you use for newsletters, or for when you’re at a store and they ask for your email address for marketing purposes.

Sometimes, managing all those different email addresses can be a real challenge. I’ve often heard clients say that they were looking for a specific email or they were trying to reference a specific email, but they couldn’t find it, because they didn’t know which email it was in.

One of the biggest challenges is when you have multiple emails, specifically with multiple logins.

You may have a personal Gmail account, a business Gmail account, or an email from your hosting company that you didn’t import into your own email management system. When you’re logging into different locations and trying to monitor numerous emails, or switching between accounts, is costing you time. Especially, when you are on the go.

Contain Everything In One Place

I am all about containing everything in one place. My business and my personal email is in one location and of course, it’s how I manage that inbox that allows it to work for me. As with any system, it’s all about how you manage and maintain it.

If you have a junk email address for store newsletters, promotions, coupons, things like that, that is fine. If it works for you to have a separate login, stick with it. I like the idea of having that information out of sight and not cluttering up your inbox. However, I actually have them coming into my personal email, it’s how I filter them that keeps them out of my inbox, so that I don’t see them until I want to.

I have email filters set up for newsletters and shopping so that they never hit my inbox. These emails go to their respective folders that I can easily access later. When I want to see if I have a special offer for a store, I simply search my email while I’m standing in line or before I go into the store, to see if there’s any specials or coupons that I want to take advantage of. When I want to take some time to read newsletters, I simply open that folder in my Gmail account. I try and schedule time to do this in my day and if I don’t get to do it daily, then I aim to sit down and read through newsletters weekly, to stay on top of any trends or any important information.

Lost Time, Lost Opportunities, and Lost Revenue

When I was working as a virtual assistant, I couldn’t tell you how many times I would need to access something quick on my phone. Switching accounts is going to waste a lot of time and energy, and will lead to a lot of frustration as well.

Poor email management may also lead to lost opportunity. You’re going to miss emails and you’re going to miss deadlines. On top of that, you’re losing out on those relationships that lead to even more opportunity. If people are interacting with you and you’re not responding to their emails, they’re not going to be thinking of you when the next opportunity arises.

Finally, you may be losing revenue. Not only in the opportunities missed, you may be forgetting to follow up on invoices or paying bills late after missing the payment reminder.

It’s really important to pare down your email and to bring it into one location. I prefer Gmail for managing all my email, including my email. I’m not just talking about your email addresses ending in, I’m talking about those emails tied to your domain for your business.

To add your email to your Gmail account, simply go into your settings and add your accounts. As you do that, you have the option to select one email address as your primary. You can also decide what email to use when you respond to emails. This is really helpful when transitioning out of several different email addresses.

If you are phasing out an email address, you can set up my email account so that it replies from the new one. Another tip is to add a signature line that says “Please update your address book with my new email.” Then, you can set your account so that you are always responding from that new email or that primary email address that you want to use.

Does Your Inbox Need a Makeover?

For step by step instructions on how to filter your emails so that your newsletters are going to the right place and your important emails from clients are showing up at the top of your inbox, then I invite you to take a look at my email makeover video.

This step by step video shares my 3 step process for getting out of email overwhelm and staying that way for good! You will regain control of your email, even if you have THOUSANDS of emails sitting in your inbox.