I’ve been thinking about what holds us back from reaching our goals. Sometimes we hold back or even sabotage our success for various reasons. It may be fear of failure, worrying about what other people think — even fear of success. Here are three tips to help you overcome your fears and boost your confidence.

Realize it’s not about you

First, realize that all that fear you are feeling is about you.

It’s not supposed to be about you. It’s about the clients who need you or the services you provide, but it’s not about you. So if you are feeling stuck or struggling with sales, think about those you are passionate about serving. Where will they be without you – what is that pain point they have that you solve and where will they be if you don’t help them, then go out and share your gifts with your audience.


Know Your value

Of course, to get this, you need to know your value. It’s important that you understand the value that you bring to your clients. Most confident people know what their time is worth. They know what their experience and expertise are worth and the value their services bring to others.

Unfortunately, we can sometimes be too close to it to see. If this is where you struggle, do a time audit – see where you are spending your time. Take a look at your achievements and your credentials. Read your client testimonials and emails. Identify the areas where you help the most or where your clients are making the biggest shifts.

Knowing how valuable you are to your community will give you the confidence to set a realistic and healthy value on the services you provide.

This is especially important if you find that you are over-delivering or undercharging for your services. Knowing your value will give you the confidence to charge what you are worth.

Get Support

Finally, My third tip to help you overcome fears and boost confidence is to find an accountability buddy or a mastermind.

This has been important in helping me move forward, and it will help accelerate your success. Now, I mentioned in one of my last Facebook Live’s that You are the only person that can hold you accountable. That is true, you need to be the one to do the work, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need an accountability buddy or mastermind.

Having someone to bounce ideas off of and to help you talk through various details of your business can make all the difference.

The Fabulously Balanced Life Academy Mastermind

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