It’s a new month, which can bring on some anxiety for many entrepreneurs. You probably find yourself somewhere between happy with the progress made and complete disappointment or frustration. Regardless of where you fall, you need to check in on your goals to make plans for the month ahead. This article will show you how to measure your progress in 3 simple steps so that you can continue moving closer to your goal.

If you are happy with the progress you have made, consistent review and planning will increase the rate of growth in your business. If you are blissfully unaware of where you are with your goals, you may find that you aren’t making the progress you expected and will be surprised at how obvious your next steps will become.

Consistent review and planning will be a real game changer in your business, and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here’s how to measure your progress in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Reflect On Your Progress

The first step in planning is always reflection. In planning for the month ahead, we need to reflect and review our progress from the month before. This reflection helps us to clarify the goal and document any progress made.

During this reflection, I document the achievements of the past month, acknowledging the challenges that I faced as well as anything that is working well. I include both personal and business answers in this section as one always impacts the other. I then determine where I want to improve the following month.

It’s important to acknowledge what we do accomplish, no matter how small. It’s also important to recognize the challenges that we face. A challenge doesn’t have to be something negative; it could be something positive that took your focus off the goal. An example would be a family vacation that had you out of the office or many appointments that took up more time than anticipated.

As I reflect on the previous month, I review my metrics and document the actual numbers compared to the goal for both my financial results and my marketing reach.

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Step 2: Define Your Goals

As I define my goals for the month ahead, I set my main focus for the month, identify the projects I want to work on and set my financial goal and marketing metrics.

I set all those numbers in place so that when I come back to do my review at the end of the month, I can measure my success and recognize where I may have fallen short so that I can put extra attention there in the future.

Step 3: Create Your Plan

Once I define my primary focus for the month, I can break it down into manageable pieces. I identify smaller goals, set milestones and assign the tasks to reach my goals.

In this final step, I assign dates to everything and schedule it on my calendar, carefully looking at what I have planned for the month and blocking off time each day to do the work needed to achieve my goals.

As they say, What you measure grows! If you are not keeping an eye on your goals, monitoring your progress and adjusting as needed, you risk staying stuck and unproductive. Download the workbook below to begin planning and tracking your progress toward your goals.

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