It’s back to school time – the start of a new year for you and your business!

As a mom and entrepreneur, I have been planning for this day and looking forward to it for weeks. In planning for today, I created a new daily schedule for myself that incorporates both my personal and professional goals.

For us moms, it can be hard to balance everything, and it often feels like our own needs can take a back seat to everything else.

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As a mompreneur, I am all about balance. That doesn’t mean that I divide an even amount of time between work and family. It means that I set priorities and that sometimes I have to give more attention to one area of my life and back off on another.

  • I manage time for my girls and handling all the family stuff
  • I manage my personal needs, like my morning routine – taking the time to journal, work out and eat better
  • I manage time for my business and consistently showing up

There are times when I choose to spend more time in one area than others. Summer often means more time for family and fun. Of course, I am very aware that this year fitness and consistency in my business did not get the same attention.

Part of that is a lack of discipline – I get that.

The other part is that topic of balance. Time with my family is my top priority. I am very aware that every day my time with them is precious.

That doesn’t mean that my personal needs take a back seat to everything else. I am always working on creating more balance between all areas of my life.

Back to school means back to business!

To kick off this new (School) year, I encourage you to review your schedule. Set a timer and spend a half hour or so on that right now – today!

You will be more focused and disciplined when you have a plan and know where you need to be spending your time.

Create your Ideal Day Calendar

For information on creating your ideal day calendar and an example of how I created mine in google calendar, click the link below.