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The main source of frustration and overwhelm for those of us working from home is disorganization. Other than the inability to efficiently find what we need, disorganization leads to procrastination – we simply avoid what we should be doing because we lack the structure to focus on one thing.

Office organization isn’t just about the space around you. Just like physical clutter, digital clutter also creates overwhelm and stress. Not being able to locate files quickly, an overwhelming amount of email in your inbox, and an out of control calendar are the first issues new clients bring up and the first thing we tackle.

The Office Organization Bundle is for you!

The Office Organization Bundle is for anyone struggling to clear the clutter from their Personal, Physical, and Digital space. It’s perfect for mompreneurs and solopreneurs who find themselves overwhelmed and unable to move forward. AND, it’s the essential first step for anyone starting a home-based business. 

What’s included?

I have bundled 3 of my most popular trainings for one low price. Each module is packed with practical strategies and tips to clear out the clutter, streamline your day, and create systems that will keep you productive and organized in all areas of your life! 

Office Organization Course

This course will help you sharpen one of the most important tools in your business – Your Work Space! The course includes Tips, Tools, and Worksheets to help you organize your office and maximize productivity in your business – so you’re getting stuff done!

In this course, I cover:


  • The 5 essential steps to getting started
  • The must-have office essentials
  • My office organization checklist
  • Starting your Operations manual

Clear The Clutter Workbook

This 38-page workbook will take you through ten practical steps to evaluate your business, get rid of anything that isn’t working for you and streamline your systems. It even takes you through a process of Decluttering Your Mind, so that you can identify anything holding you back. Getting rid of clutter in every area of your life will energize and revitalize you. You’ll end up with a clearer vision of where you are now—and where you want to go.

This workbook contains a calendar, worksheets, and checklists on various topics including:


  • Evaluate Your Business Structure
  • Declutter your space
  • Declutter your mind
  • Declutter your workload
  • Declutter your email
  • Declutter your computer

Inbox Makeover

This step by step video shares my 3 step process for getting out of email overwhelm and staying that way for good! You will regain control of your email, even if you have THOUSANDS of emails sitting in your inbox. This is a personal tour inside my email where I show you how to set up my system to quickly process email while making sure critical information isn’t lost. 


It’s important to tackle the clutter before addressing other areas of your business. Clearing the physical, digital, and emotional clutter will give you clarity and the space to focus on all other areas of your life and business.

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I am a systems-oriented business coach and mentor, productivity expert, mom and wife. I help busy moms and business owners clarify their vision, create a plan and build a life and business that they LOVE!

With nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience and a thriving family and business, I know how to identify and implement the best systems for each unique business and situation.

As a busy mom and entrepreneur myself, I love to serve women who are in that same space and who are ready to streamline their tasks to dramatically amp up their productivity!