I’m a proud mom, so chances are when we meet, I will, at some point tell you about my girls … or whip out my cell and show you a video. Well recently, in sharing about my girls, my advice to them smacked me in the face and was finally received loud and clear!

I shared this story on my facebook page and it is no coincidence that I went live with this one!

Have you ever had a moment where you hear yourself giving the advice that you need to be taking yourself? Sometimes the advice we give is the advice we need to hear.

I have been in business almost nine years and have always had a big vision to empower women to follow their dreams, to dream big then help them to take steps to make it happen.

The irony here is that I was always holding back. I understand what I need to do, I have helped others do it, and I teach it, but there are times when I’m holding back or making excuses.

So this weekend I am at an event, and I’m talking about masterminds and my desire to stretch myself and chase my bigger vision. I seriously felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff, afraid to jump. I could physically feel it, that feeling when you wish someone would just push you because you are afraid to jump on your own.

In these same conversations, my kids kept coming up. I’m sharing how Carly is working her but off in track and how I see this drive and determination that I haven’t seen before. I’m also talking about my older daughter Kate. I’m sharing videos and telling the story about how she found her voice and her passion just seven months ago and is now the lead singer in a punk rock band.

Kate is an entirely different person now that she is following her passion and it is obvious that she wants to be a rock star. So, one day, I finally tell her “If you want to be a rock star, be a rock star!”

At that moment, I understood that sometimes the advice we give is the advice we need to hear ourselves. I’m hearing the words coming out of my mouth, and I finally got the message! When it comes to my life and my resistance to chase my vision, I have to take that leap and lead by example.

Be The Rock Star

Dream big and don’t worry if others think you’re dreams are unrealistic. Their resistance is a reflection of them. The truth is that most people never step outside their comfort zone and we all know that when you do, that is where the magic happens.

If your dream scares you – that’s a good thing!

If stepping outside of your comfort zone scares you – that’s a good thing! Resistance and fear are often a sign that you are on the right track and that if you can step out of your comfort zone and push through, you can grow.

So, Be The Rock Star! Dream Big and own what it is that you enjoy and are most passionate about.

Advice we need the most

Be The Rock Star!

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