It’s been a challenging few weeks here, with my uncle suddenly taking ill two weeks ago and my daughter in her last days of High School before graduation.

Like any family crisis, we have had our moments. These seasons of life can bring out the best in everyone (insert sarcasm). Seriously, emotions are running high, there are questions unanswered … and we are physically and emotionally drained. I can tell you, the drained part is the most dangerous for me!

All of that aside, it has me thinking about personality and how we approach things. I am more of the “let’s get things done” person in the family, while the rest want to sit back and wait. I’d like to think I am more of the optimist of the group … while others focus on the negative.

Whichever side you are on, the story you tell yourself plays a big part in the outcome. Our lives are made up of stories. Although we can’t always control the circumstances, you can decide how to tell your story. A great example would be when we lost our home to an arson fire. I get questions all the time about how we made it through such a difficult time. My answer is usually that we immediately knew how lucky we were to be safe and together. That is what we focused on for the story we told.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not the perfect optimist! One habit I have is saying that “marketing isn’t my thing.” When I think about that statement, I pick it apart to wonder where that started and why I say it. That line became a part of my story in the very early days of my business and sometimes slips out today. It was and is self-defeating just like the worry and negative comments that slip out during challenging times.

So, what story are you telling yourself? As you go through the week, be more attentive to the words you speak and the self-limiting stories that we tell ourselves.

Have a fabulously productive day!

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